Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Put A Bird On It

Carrie Brownstein and Bird Tote from "Portlandia"

Do you watch "Portlandia" on IFC? Larry and I started watching Season 2 last week. After seeing this sketch, I've noticed that more and more artsy items in boutiques have bird images on them. Co-Creator of "Portlandia," Carrie Brownstein noticed this too. She says that it seems just by putting a bird on an item, it is now considered ART! Now, everywhere I look, I see birds on things! Ack!
I guess I'll just have to join the crowd and Put A Bird On It!
Christine's Bird Tote (seen at the Original Farmers Market)
Crocheted Bird Applique by Janet Carrillo
Birdie Decoration by Attic 24

Listen for more catch phrases from our new fave show, "Portlandia." Pickles anyone?

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At 9:58 AM PST, Blogger betty said...

I haven't watched season 2, but I did watch all of season 1 on NetFlix. I watched three episodes at a time. Although I loved the first episode, I found that watching more than one at a time got sort of boring really quickly.

I was wondering why the show felt like SNL until I saw that Lorne Michaels is the exec. producer.


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