Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bru's Wiffle

Last evening both Larry and I happened to be in Santa Monica. I was at work, of course and Larry was just finishing up a photo job at Copro Gallery, Bergamot Station. So, we decided to let the traffic subside while we had dinner close-by.

I'd been to Bru's Wiffle a couple of times. It's a popular lunch spot with my co-workers. The fried chicken and waffles aren't as yummy as the ones at Pann's Coffee Shop, but for a Westside place it's pretty good. The fried chicken is a boneless breast, fried to perfection with a minimum of grease (a tad dry). The waffle is soft on the inside and crunchy crisp on the outside. The Dwight's Special Chicken and Waffle comes with two waffles, topped with two chicken breasts. We split this entree.

We also split a half-order of Bru's Special Salad
with mixed greens, spinach, bacon, grapes, apple, goat cheese, avocado, & fried shallots and red wine vinaigrette dressing. They make their own lemonade too. I wouldn't make a special trip to eat at Bru's, but if you're in the area it's a decent place with lots of choices.

Convenient parking in back. Bru's Wiffle. 2408 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica.

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At 5:51 PM PDT, Blogger Z said...

Mmmm....I'm hungry.


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