Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday Birthday Dinner

On Sunday, Larry and I zoomed down to my Uncle Mort's house in Playa del Rey to celebrate our cousins' birthdays.  Happy Birthday to my second cousin, Jo-Ellen and to my cousin Amie's husband, Rob.  Cousin Carol was in L.A. from the Bay Area.  She and Amie planned a perfect Sunday night dinner.
Mort and Jo, checking the pasta recipe

Carol Conducts the Symphony

Amie and Carol, the original Kitchen Sisters
We had fantabulous pasta with chicken sausage, steamed spinach, Italian green salad, fresh from the farm tomoatoes and burrata cheese.  Everything was supremely delicious! 

I brought a lemon bundt cake for dessert. 

JoEllen and Rob blow out the birthday candles
We had a grand evening!

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