Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lunch Break Estate Sale

Beautiful Serving Dishes are plentiful at this sale in Santa Monica

Again L.A. Estate Sales holds some of the best sales in the City, as far as I'm concerned.  Their prices are reasonable (even on the first day) and Dan and Danna, the brother and sister duo in charge of the sales, are delightful to work with.  Today, Friday and Saturday, you can check out a sale at a packed Santa Monica house.  It's south of Pico, just west of Centinela at 2333 30th Street, Santa Monica. 

I zoomed over there on my lunch hour today to see what "treasures" I could find.  This house is chock full of cards, sheet music, posters, books and more.  There are tons of dishes, objets 'd art and other collectibles.
I kinda' LOVE this stoneware set of 1970's dishes, but not for over $600!

Nowadays, I tend to take more photos of stuff, instead of buying it.  Our house is full of "treasures."  It's difficult to fit one more thing into our stuffed house.  One of these days, we'll have to have our own fabulous estate sale, just to pare down.

Restaurant and Hotel ashtray collection

The world of estate sales is highly social too.  Often, I see my old friends, Marcy and Bruce at these sales.  I know that my sweet Larry was at this sale earlier today.  I ran into Bruce, but just missed Marcy! 
Hey Larry!  Look what BRUCE found!

Bruce and Marcy collect art, among other things.  I asked Bruce how he could possibly pass up this Picaso for just $20!?!

After shuffling around a bit through all the dust and grime, I managed to find three pristine scarves.  Two are designed by Vera Neumann.  I've never seen a kerchief like the brown, black and white one before!  What a great shape!
Again L.A. is my fave estate sale company.  Handle with Care also holds wonderful sales.

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