Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Date Night - Saturday


Larry and I had a proper date night on Saturday.  Our destination was Woodland Hills.  Yes, it's a bit off our regular route, but we wanted to see Bill Lynch's band, The MidWestern Icons, perform at the Dirty Bull Tavern in Woodland Hills.  Most L.A. traffic was centered around the Endeavour Shuttle in the south part of the City, so it was a smooth, fast ride out to the West Valley from Mid-City.
First stop, dinner at the China Garden on Ventura Blvd., just east of the club.  This strip of shops and stores look like they were remodeled in the early 1990's.  I'm not sure what you call this type of architecture.  Larry and I call it "mall-chitecture."  The restaurant was quite grand with skylights, lots of paneling, superfluous arches, wrought iron balustrades, a grand chandelier and the obligatory Chinese restaurant mauve and celadon interior.
China Garden Interior

We ordered shrimp with asparagus, Mongolian beef with peppers, onions and rice.  Everything was delicious and served beautifully.  The portions are large.  We had leftovers to take home.
Shrimp with Asparagus
Mongolian Beef with Grilled Onions

The Dirty Bull Tavern is in the north east corner of Warner Plaza on Ventura Blvd.,  just east of Topanga Canyon Blvd.  It's tucked away in the corner, next to a hookah bar.  Once inside, the place is big.  They have 45 beers on tap, a dart board, pool table, big dance floor and a good sound system.

On this night, two of the Icons were absent.  Substituting for James Gadson on drums was Sinclair Lott.  Subbing for Rick Moors on bass was our old friend, Jeff Turmes.  Rounding out the band, Bill Lynch on lead guitar and vocals, Marty Grebb on the B-3 Hammond, keyboards and vocals.  Really, after checking out the biographies of these guys, they ARE icons!  It was a fun night with good food, friends and FABULOUS music!  The MidWestern Icons are performing every Saturday night at this comfortable club.  Definitely check it out!

L-R: Marty Grebb, Sinclair Lott, Jeff Turmes, Bill Lynch

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