Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Lafayette Square Home

This past weekend I attended two different holiday sales, both in private homes.  On Saturday, Ana and I drove over to the historically significant Lafayette Square to check out our friend, Brenda's jewelry.  Lafayette Square is one of the most beautiful old neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  The homes are huge!  Famous architect, Paul Revere Williams lived here.  He also designed many homes in the Square.  

Vendors, Lafayette Square
Along with Brenda's jewelry, there were at least 10 or more other vendors inside this immense home, selling everything from clothing, handbags, jewelry, paintings and imported Chinese silks.   We had a wonderful time.  Ana and I both made some special purchases.
I do love being a looky-loo and seeing how others decorate their homes.  The home in Lafayette was very traditional, probably built around 1910 or so.  There was lots of beautiful woodwork.  It was decorated beautifully.  The kitchen was remodeled and it is fabulous!

Lafayette Square Home Kitchen!

On Sunday, Larry and I zoomed up to the Hollywood Hills, above Chateau Marmont to Johanna's and Stuart's home.  Johanna and Ruth held a jewelry and accessories sale to benefit LARC Ranch.  

Hollywood Hills Home

We'd been to this faboo deco home previously, but Johanna recently remodeled the kitchen and I wanted to see it up-close.  Wow!  She did an excellent job.  

Johanna's New Kitchen

This home is not huge, but it's perfectly maintained in all of it's deco splendor.  The sale was terrific.  I picked up many holiday gifts!

Johanna and Ruth
Ellen, Johanna and Carolyn
Larry and I also ran into a few old friends.  Always a plus during the holidays.

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