Monday, January 21, 2013

Belated Celebration

Darcy, Mary Jo, Natalie, Ellen and Brit

On Saturday I celebrated a belated Xmas with the Knit Grrlz aka The Ukulele Ladies.  We met at my house this year.  Last year we had a lovely brunch at the Roosevelt Hotel.  It has been more and more difficult to schedule a time when we all could meet up, so we decided to keep it simple and have dinner at home.  
I made vegetarian chili and a green salad.  Mary Jo helped with the appetizers, Brit brought champagne, Natalie brought yummy squash and apple soup along with some very tasty cheesy crackers and Darcy brought dessert.

Cheesy Crackers.  I NEED this recipe!

After serenading Brit's Mom in Florida over the phone with the "Happy B-Day" song on our ukuleles, we got down to the serious part of the evening.....eating, drinking, gossiping and opening prezzies!
We're still celebrating Natalie's Birthday!
Faboo prezzies....some were handmade, all were divine!
Natalie gave Brit one of her beloved Troll Dolls
It was a great party!  I love my girl friends.  We always have the BEST time!  Merry Xmas, Sweeties!

Larry was lucky to partake of leftovers the next day.....chili and eggs!  Yum!

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