Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Classic Dining

OK, I've about had it with classic dining.  Now I understand why my parents' and grandparents' generation died waaaay younger than my generation.  Too much red meat, butter, creamy salad dressing and dessert.  Yowza!  We really indulged for Larry's birthday this past Saturday night.
While in Las Vegas, Larry, Jacquie, Bob and I had dinner at the Golden Steer Steakhouse in Las Vegas (1958).

We'd read about the Golden Steer in Pete Moruzzi's book, "Classic Dining."  His descriptions of this place hold true.  Here is what Pete says on the back cover of his book, "Over time, the softly lit wood-paneled interiors, starched tablecloths, curved booths, tuxedoed captains, and table side service that once defined classic continental-style fine dining have gradually disappeared. Equally, the number of historic restaurants filled with character and old school ambiance dwindle with each passing year. Yet vestiges cling to life in cities large and small. Through vivid new photography and vintage material, Classic Dining celebrates the great mid-century restaurants that continue to thrive in New York, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, the Chicago area, Los Angeles, and across America. Includes a current directory of over 200 classic restaurants in cities from all 50 states."
Caesar Salad Prep, table side

The Golden Steer has ALL of the above.  The decor is warm and cozy, the waiters wear tuxedos and the food is served beautifully.  We had enough leftover for lunch the following day!
Even though the prices were high, the service and food were divine.  Also, they did NOT charge us to split orders.  They also did NOT charge for Larry's faboo birthday cake including the fireworks!  Wow!  What a classy place.

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Happy Birthday Larry!


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