Friday, January 25, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday

J. Hoyt Underhill, probably around 1928

This is Larry's Dad, Hoyt, playing the ukulele!  Larry unearthed this photo from the archives a few weeks ago.  I just love it.  
I got to know Hoyt later in his life.  He was always full of fun.  He had a collection of novelty song records that Larry still plays on our old turntable.  We didn't know that he played the uke.  Hoyt's family moved to California from the Hudson River Valley area of New York in the early 1920's.  I'm assuming this is Hoyt's parents' parlor in Alhambra, CA.  Looks like Hoyt is around 18 in this photo.  He's playing a pineapple uke.  LOVE that upright piano!
Tomorrow, I'll join my fellow ukesters at a meeting of the Pluckin' Strummers in Atwater.  Get your uke out and join us!  Have a wonderful weekend.

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At 3:15 PM PST, Blogger RossK said...

Gosh Ellen--

This is just so fantastic. Might even have to change the image at the top of our 'Uke Cover Saturday Nights' to pay tribute.

Given that we're a thousand miles away, give or take, we won't be able to join you this time... Have fun!



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