Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Crafty Afternoon

On Sunday, after attending a LOVELY bridal shower in Mar Vista (see tomorrow's post), I zoomed over to the NEW MICHAEL'S craft store in West L.A.  Michael's is located on the top level of the Marshall's complex, Sawtelle and Olympic.  By 3:30 in the afternoon, it was jam-packed with customers and employees.  I didn't really NEED anything at Michael's, I just wanted to check out the new store.  
There's a large supply of obligatory knick-knacks at the new Michael's

The store is large and has tons o' craft supplies.  The yarn section is good.  It doesn't seem quite as big as the yarn section at the Burbank/Empire Center Michael's, but it's waaaaaay more convenient for me.  

I will probably still go to the Michael's in Hawthorne, just off Rosecrans right near the 405, just because I can get there quickly on the weekends.  Now, if we'd only get a Joann's Plus in the area, I'd be happy.


On my way home I stopped at Sew Modern on Pico near Veteran.  This is a darling fabric shop, specializing in quilt supplies.  The lovely Ms. Natalie works here on Sundays and Mondays.  

Seamstress and designer, Ms. Natalie of Hollywood
Sew Modern, Interior

WOW!  What a great selection of gorgeous fabrics!  I recently had my sewing machine cleaned and serviced.  Just walking through this shop and checking out the new fabrics has inspired me.
The "architecture" series
Typewriters from the "Edgar Allan Poe" series
Signal Flags!  Perfect for the Yacht Club!
What crafty item are you working on this summer?

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