Thursday, February 06, 2014

Latest Obsession

I've always appreciated folk art, especially European folk art and design.  I'm of Russian descent, so Eastern European folk art design, along with Scandinavian design have always been favorites.  My parents decorated their various homes in blue and white, using many different traditional blue and white designs from Denmark, Japan and places in-between.  I was just speaking to my Mom the other day about her upcoming move to a smaller apartment in her current building.  I was questioning her on whether or not all of her furniture would work in the new place.  She's had to get rid of a few large pieces, but generally everything will work.  Mom said, "I just never get tired of my blue and white decor!"  I agree.  There's something so fresh and inviting about this combination.  You can pair blue and white with any contrasting accent color (yellow, pink, red, orange) and it still looks timeless!
Mom's Blue and White Living Room
With the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we've been inundated with ski sweater designs in the media.  I'm lovin' those knitted snowflakes!  This has led me to research Scandinavian knit and crochet designs.  Here are a few intriguing designs that I've found (all links lead to Ravelry):
Scandinavian Design Mat
Scandinavian Hat
Scandinavian Uni-Sex Hat with Pom Pom
Scandinavian Snowflake Granny Afghan
AND, my all-time favorite....
Heart-Bordered Sweater
I will be attempting a few of these yarny designs in the near future!

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At 10:06 PM PST, Blogger Sarah said...

I've been meaning to hit up Olson's Scandinavian Deli at Pico and Fairfax. I heard it just went through some remodeling and has a fun candy section!


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