Wednesday, April 02, 2014


We've been searching for a new living room sofa for a few a long time.  Our old sofa is beautiful, but battered.  We found this four-piece sectional 1960s sofa at an estate sale in View Park years and years ago.  When we saw the couch at the estate sale, it was covered in blankets.  The blankets protected the upholstery from sunlight damage and general use.  It was in pristine condition.  Not so much anymore.  Our couch is broken down, threadbare in spots and the gold threads making up the circular design on the brown background have been rubbed away.  The couch photographs well, but when you look closely, it's a mess.  Time for an upgrade.
 We've had many parties and lots of people and good times with that old sofa.  It can seat up to nine friendly people.  With extra seating scattered about the living room, we can host  almost 20 people, sitting comfortably.
Recent Knitting Olympics on "the couch"

Ukulele Ladies on "the couch" at Christmas-time

The only way I can tell if I like a couch is to see Larry sitting on it.  I'm always taking photos of Larry sitting on couches.
This couch was ALMOST perfect
Aha!  This is the one! 
Yes!  When I saw this gray tweed number at Plummer's, I knew it was perfect.  We bought the love seat to match.  This model is called the "BLOOM" sofa..  It was meant to be.

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At 7:58 PM PDT, Blogger Susan said...

Don't you just love it when things just "work out" that way?! Mr. Larry looks great sitting on it too! :)

At 8:13 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

THanks, Susan!

At 7:13 AM PDT, Blogger Lenora said...

Kismet? Definitely.


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