Monday, March 31, 2014

"Sinful Saints and Saintly Sinners"

On Saturday we met up with Audrey and Jeff at UCLA's Fowler Museum for the show, "Sinful Saints and Saintly Sinners - At The Margins of the Americas."  Most of the artwork was done by artists based in Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina and a few from the United States.  There were paintings, sculptures, drawings, mixed media, fiber art and more.  It was a MOST colorful and lively party.  Since this was the opening night, there was music, food and tequila!  Everyone was decked out in their most ethnic and vibrant clothing and jewelry.

Marie Leveau, the VooDoo Queen

One of the tequila sponsors

We ran into a few people we knew....always fun!
Ellen and Mike Tempo

Audrey and Jeff
The gift shop at the Fowler Museum is great.  I must remember to go over there the next time I need a clever giftie!
Gift Shop hat made from electrical wire

After the art opening, we zoomed over to Sawtelle Avenue (dubbed Little Osaka) for dinner.  It was JUMPIN' on Sawtelle on a Saturday night.  I felt like I was on the Sunset Strip in 1969!  Wow!  The street was packed with people going to restaurants, shops, bars and just generally hangin' out.  This is the new Westside place to be on a Saturday night!
We went to the more sedate Morinoya Restaurant on the second floor of the Olympic Collection.  The food and ambiance were wonderful.  I'll definitely return.  
Beautiful Illuminated Branches at Morinoya
Audrey and I each had the Mini Jyouya Pot with pork, spinach, tofu, and enoki mushrooms.  Larry had a soba noodle dish with chicken and Jeff had these pristine, cold, green noodles.  We shared the most divine salad.  I'm not sure what it was called or what was in it, but I hope I can figure it out the next time we visit.  For desert, we shared one skinny slice of green tea cheesecake.  Yum!
Hot Pot
We always have a grand time when we go on adventures with Audrey and Jeff!  Thanks for the evening, Kids!

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