Monday, March 17, 2014

Teapot Cozy Symposium

Debris from the "Shamrock Shaker" - March 17, 2014

Imagine if all of our China teapots did NOT have cozies on them?  They would have been smashed to smithereens in this morning's earthquake!  For out-of-towners, Los Angeles experienced a magnitude 4.4 earthquake early this morning centered in the Santa Monica mountains between Westwood and Encino.  My teapot was fine.  The only hazard was a lovely Sascha Brastoff decorative platter that was sitting on the top shelf of our breakfront.  Oh well, lah-dee-dah, one less tchotke to dust!
Here's what that platter looked like in better days.  It's on the top shelf, center, along with more of my Sascha Brastoff collection.

Thank goodness, my little teapot was still clothed in it's cozy after the Teapot Cozy Symposium on Saturday at the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Guild Meeting!

Cathy and her Cozies
It was a perfect program for pre-St. Patrick's Day.  One of our members, Cathy McFarlane (who has maintained her Irish brogue) brought many of her teapots along with different cozies to demonstrate how to create one for our own teapots. 

 Cathy's Cozies

We had lots of participants.  There were many adorable teapots.  We even had biscuits, cookies, scones, tea and more treats!

 I had already crocheted a couple of cozies to bring to the meeting.  I gave my granny square cozy to Peggy because it fits her round teapot so beautifully!
That's my little teapot in back and Peggy's teapot in my granny cozy!  So cute!
Ellen's Crocheted Teapot Cozy

Thanks to Debbie and Pat for organizing this successful program AND to Cathy for bringing all of her darling teapots, cozies and instructions!

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