Monday, March 10, 2014


Greek Key Mosaic Design in Farmers and Merchants Bank

We were downtown yesterday, late afternoon, in the Old Bank District, also known as The Historic Core.  This is one of the oldest sections of Los Angeles.  We were at an art gallery in the old Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles, built in 1905.  Many of the original elements of the building are still intact.
This area is now home to artists' lofts, restaurants, coffee houses and more.  There's lots of interesting street art, historic buildings and signs withiin a few block radius.

Tim and Brit

We attended a memorial service for our friend, William Mitchell.  William had MANY friends.  The Tod Lychkoff Gallery was packed with people, remembering William.  Tod placed William's artwork, storyboards and collections around the Gallery.  There were videos, photographs and many other elements of William's life for all of us to reminisce.  It was just the kind of gathering where we expected to see William walk through the door and smile at all of us.  We're all still shocked that he is gone and confused as to why he took his own life.

This is a reminder to stay in touch with your friends.  Ask them about themselves, see how they REALLY are feeling.  Our friend, T.K. Nagano produced a short film about William.  You can view it here.

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