Monday, December 08, 2014

Put An Egg On It!

On Saturday we belatedly celebrated Julie's birthday with lunch, cake, presents, knitting and crocheting!  We met at A.O.C. on 3rd St., WeHo.  The brunch menu is great...very egg-centric.  Everything, was delicious.  
Clockwise:  A.O.C. Brioche, Waldorf Salad, Corned Beef Hash, Focaccia

It was also delightful on this warm December day to dine in an alcove on the Spanish tile-lined patio.
Natalie, Beth, Ellen, Carol and Julie

We walked back to Beth's home for the rest of the afternoon festivities.

There are some cool construction fence murals on 3rd Street

Beth's house was fully decorated for the holidays.  Very festive.

There were presents, cake, knitting, crocheting and much frivolity!   We had an excellent afternoon.  
Nat Knits

Yummy Gift Yarn

Beth's Divine Lemon Cake

Thank you, Beth, for hosting Julie's b-day celebration!

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yum and yarn


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