Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Crawling with my Yarny Peeps

Leah, Diane, Suzette and Ellen (reflection)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week was the 4-day L.A. County Yarn Crawl. Spring is a busy time for me, so I only crawled on one day, Sunday. I was joined by my yarny peeps, Leah, Suzette and Diane. This was an abbreviated crawl.  We only visited 4 out of the 29 possible stores.
We started at Twist, Yarns of Intrigue in Manhattan Beach.  This is a beautiful shop. Kathy, the owner, kettle dyes many of her own yarns. This is what makes Twist a special shop. Also, Twist carries some really beautiful yarny accessories. It was great to see friends from the West Adams Knitters walk in the door when we were there. Twist is a large shop with plenty of places to sit and knit. On Yarn Crawl weekend, there was water and ice-tea along with some snacks set up for the crawlers. Naturally, I managed to make a purchase here.

Leah @Beach Mex, El Segundo

After all that yarny goodness, we were hungry. We drove up to our second stop, appropriately, El Segundo and had a lovely alfresco lunch at Beach Mex. Once we were energized, we strolled up the block to The Slipt Stitch. This little shop has high-end and low-end yarns and an excellent selection of cotton. It's a small shop, but fully-packed with some good fiber choices.
Suzette and Leah at The Slipt Stitch, El Segundo

We made the short trip to Westchester and Needlepoints West. This is primarily a needlepoint shop, but they do carry an array of interesting knit and crochet yarns in the back of the shop. I do like the old-fashioned Westchester Village. This shop was also nicely set up for visitors...lots of refreshments and freebies!

Needlepoints West, Westchester

Our last crawl location was The Knitting Tree in Culver City. This is my home-store, so I visit often. The shop was jam-packed with BEAUTIFUL new yarn. There were tons of people sitting at the back table. I really feel that the table in back is too large and impedes access to a few shelves of yarn, but it's a popular hang-out. 
Annette and Andy, spinning yarn @The Knitting Tree, Culver City

I ran into many friends and other members of our West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch group. I was surprised to see one my old work-mates, Ruth come into the shop on her way to Hollywood from Orange County. Ruth and I used to trade recipes and yarny patterns when we sat next to each other at Castle Rock Entertainment. We've kept up through Facebook, but it was really great seeing Ruthie in person! We must compare yarny projects soon, Ruth!

Ruth and Ellen @The Knitting Tree

It was a great day with fun companions. I purchased a few items that I do not need, but can't wait to unravel!

Fibra Natura Whisper Lace - "Cloudy Morning," Marks & Kattens Fame Trend - "Greens," Anzula Squishy - "Raspberry"

You can check out more photos on Instagram by searching #yarncrawlla.

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