Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FAMOUS....at the tire shop

Wall o' Fame at Davis Bros. Tires, Culver City

Whenever I have to wait at any business establishment in Los Angeles, whether it's a restaurant, hot dog stand, dry cleaners or the tire shop, I always peruse the wall of celebrity head shots. These are either endorsements by the stars of that particular business or a hope for casting opportunities. Everyone has to run errands, right? Might as well let the public know that you are out there and available! The photos are usually old and faded, just like the "celebrities."
Formosa Cafe, Hollywood, before the remodel!

Montrose Bowling Alley, Montrose

Caricatures at The Palm Restaurant, West Hollywood, demolished

Paty's Restaurant, Toluca Lake

Pink's Hot Dog Stand, Hollywood

Hey! If Jason Alexander loves Pink's Hot Dogs and so does Dolly Parton, who am I to argue?
Pink's Hot Dog Stand, Hollywood
This one always slays me. It's the owners of The Nosh in Beverly Hills with their families. Oy!

The Dresden Room, Los Feliz

Notice the little red dot on the photo at The Dresden Room, above. That's Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn from the movie, "Swingers." They filmed many scenes at The Dresden Room.
Barry Weiss of "Storage Wars" and Ellen Bloom of "L.A. Is My Beat" in front of Wall o' Photos, Dresden Room, Los Feliz

OK, this week, I'm I'm going to frame a few copies of my old head shot and drop them off at places of business I patronize.  I'd like everyone to know that I spend my star money at Davis Bros. Tires, Zankou Chicken, Norm's Coffee Shop and the big Ralph's Supermarket on Pico near Rimpau!

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At 5:06 PM PDT, Blogger RossK said...

This is so great.

Thanks Ellen!


At 5:24 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Glad you like this post, Ross! Is your photo up at the local cleaners?

At 6:57 PM PDT, Blogger RossK said...


The tradition hasn't really caught on up here in so-called 'Hollywood North'.


At 7:58 PM PDT, Blogger Legal Puffs said...

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