Thursday, October 01, 2015

Wall Sconces

We live in a 1926 Spanish Revival home. Our little house is not fancy. It doesn't really have any over-the-top design features that other Spanish Revival homes have in Los Angeles. We only have two arches inside the house. There is a small telephone niche in the hallway. The interior woodwork was painted over long ago. The fireplace was closed up to make room for more furniture, probably in the 1950s with the advent of television. We do have a breakfast nook that is cute. On the whole though, it's a plain little house. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
When I moved in with Larry he had these wall sconce fixtures in the living room:
Our current living room light fixtures
These fixtures blend into the background and they do reflect quite a bit of light from the white ceiling. I think they have an art-deco look.  When I moved in and started hanging things on the walls, one of these fixtures was too wide, so we took it away and added an apartment-style light fixture...unobtrusive.
Larry goes to lots of estate sales. He came across these beautiful Spanish Revival sconces. We have two:

Estate sale find
I like this sconce. It looks great with the house, but it really does not fit into our modern-ish decor. Also, we only have two of these. We've tried to find similar ones that would work with these two, but prices are off the hook.
We have compromised and purchased the required six light fixtures for our newly painted living room. This sconce is also unobtrusive and has a stream-lined moderne look to it. We have lots of dark furniture in the room so I think it will look great on our freshly painted gray walls!

Our current light fixture
BEFORE gray walls and Oriental Rug. See that little bowl-shaped sconce over the red painting?
ADDENDUM:  There was a bit of progress last night!

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