Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Important Sweater

It's time to knit an important sweater. By important, I mean with really nice yarn! I knit and/or crochet all sorts of things, however, I was raised during the Age of Acrylic and I just cannot get used to using large amounts of expensive wool for a big project like a sweater.
I was lucky, over the holidays, to receive a few gift certificates. Since I have everything I could possibly need in this world, I decided to splurge on yarn as my giftie. I am now the proud owner of many skeins of Malabrigo Rios Yarn in the Pearl Ten colorway, as well as six skeins of Noro Silk Garden, Colorway #381. I love it when a solid yarn (Malabrigo) is striped with Noro using the garter stitch (see below).
Malabrigo + Noro = Cool Garter Stripes
I was thinking about knitting a top-down cardigan or pullover with a striped yoke in the above-mentioned yarns. The body and sleeves would be solid gray with some colorful details at the cuffs and possibly some pocket detail. This is all worsted weight yarn, so knitting on larger needles would make this a relatively quick knit.
Speaking about quick knits, The ladies over at Mason-Dixon Knitting have issued a challenge knit-a-long to "Bang Out A Sweater." Many of my friends have taken up the challenge. I do love the pattern they chose, "Stopover." I've always been enthralled by Norwegian yoke sweaters. "Stopover" is a subtle version of this style. This knit-a-long is tempting.
It's always fun to peruse sweater patterns when you have some gorgeous yarn just itching to be knit up! Here are a few I've been looking over:
Transitions Yoke Cardigan
Simplest Sweater
Ellen Cardigan
Rainbow Yoke Pullover

Now, I just have to narrow down my choices, finish a few other projects and begin! By the time I've finished my WOOL sweater, it will be hot again in Los Angeles!  

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At 8:38 AM PST, Blogger Lenora said...

Rios is a fabulous yarn. It really holds a stitch. With the Noro - priceless!


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