Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Monumental at Sunset & Vine

Hollywood Souvenirs for Sale

I'd read about the gigantic Walgreens Drug Store at Sunset and Vine in the heart of Hollywood, but I'd never been there. We zoomed over there on Monday. WOW! This place is immense! 
Liquor Section

It's not only a drug store, but it's a grocery store, make-up and beauty section, liquor store, yogurt shop and more. It's extremely spacious and open. 
Make-up and Beauty Area
Prepared Food
It's so "Hollywood" inside this store, that they have a red carpet-style backdrop for photos! Next time I'll wear my tiara and ball gown!

The last time I was in a store on this corner was probably in the early 1970s when Wallich's Music City occupied this spot. I can still hear the radio jingle, sung to the tune of "Rock-a-bye Baby." "It's Music City, Sunset and Vine..."
The Wallich's building has been replaced by a multi-use building with stores and restuarants on the first and second floors and apartments on the upper floors. You can now live at Walgreens.
Walgreens at Sunset & Vine
The old days at Sunset & Vine. Capitol Records Office was here before the Capitol Tower was built up the block in 1956

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At 1:15 PM PST, Blogger Unknown said...

My daughter Nell visited from Berkeley this past weekend. Both she and I had already read online the NY Times profile of Paul "Pee-Wee" Reubens, wherein the reporter follows Reubens around inside the Sunset & Vine Walgreens. Nell had to go and I'll admit that I was curious too, so we checked it out this past Saturday. Amazing! A smoothie bar! The cosmetics zone! Mercy! As Pee-Wee says, "If you had an apartment upstairs, you'd never have to go anywhere." And for all my love-of-LA-music reading, I never knew where Wallachs was until today. Thanks, Ellen!

At 2:06 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yup! I read the same "Pee-Wee" article, Richard and just had to see this Walgreens. It's really something. I could definitely see myself living in that building. EVERYTHING is within walking distance!!


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