Monday, June 27, 2016

Ancient Stuff

Bronze statue of Ronald Reagan

On Saturday, Joan and I drove out to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley to see the exhibit, "Vatican Splendors." A description, from the website: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is the exclusive West Coast destination for Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art.  This 10,000 square foot exhibition, comprising one of the largest Vatican collections ever to tour the United States, includes an extraordinary collection of historical and religious objects, some of which date to the first century, as well as works of art by Michelangelo, Bernini, Guercino and others.  
The Library was PACKED on a hot and windy Saturday. They do have excellent air-conditioning, I must say.
We went right into the Vatican exhibit before it got too crowded. It was very extensive and well-displayed. The show started on the first level and then we descended into an underground gallery for the remainder of the show. We came up for air after about an hour.
Lunchtime! We headed over to the Reagan Country Cafe for sandwiches and dined al fresco on the terrace. 

After lunch we made a quick tour through the Reagan exhibits to see his Oval Office and a few other highlights of his administration. Visiting Air Force One is always fun. This jet is huge. Though not as luxurious as Elvis's plane, but I could see that Air Force One was ready to take care of business! #tcb 
Air Force One
Check out the custom fabric that includes the Presidential Seal on Reagan's shirt!

The very best artifact I've seen at the Reagan Library, after a few visits, is the jelly bean mosaic portrait of Ronnie. This goes well with some of the beautiful mosaics seen in the Vatican exhibit!
Jelly bean mosaic portrait by Peter Rocha using 10,000 jelly beans!
Ancient Vatican Mosaic, NOT made with jelly beans
The Reagan Library is a very well-run and pleasant place to visit, but after 5 hours of being surrounded by republicans, I had to get outta that place!

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