Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2nd or 3rd Saturday in June?

Usually, World Wide Stitch in Public Day is the second Saturday in June. This year, for some reason that was not explained on the international site, the celebration was on the third Saturday in June, the 18th.
I met up with the Santa Monica Yarnies at The Coffee Bean on Ocean Park Boulevard. We usually meet every Saturday from 3-5 at this location. We are considering moving to Clover Park for the summer. We should have been at the park on the 18th. There were so many of us, that we barely fit at the big table! Great turnout!
Cathy, Leo, Carina, Marge, Sherry, Lisa, Meri
Barbara S., Karen, Sarah, Barbara F., Cathy
Cathy, Leo, Carina
Barbara, Eve, Karen
Marge, Sherry, Lisa, Meri
Sorry, I missed taking photos of Marian, Jamie, Lauren and ME! We missed a few old members, but look forward to more yarny adventures this summer!
Twins, Jason and Georgina weren't all that interested in yarny pursuits

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