Friday, July 01, 2016

Fireworks and Food

Van Nuys Family Picnic, Valley Times, 1962

Yup! It's 4th of July weekend! Larry and I will be attending a bunch o' backyard parties this weekend for some outdoor fun. Supposedly, fireworks are illegal in the City of Los Angeles. Hah! So, how come I've been hearing firecrackers already going off all week long? We plan on viewing a few professional shows across the San Fernando Valley on the 4th from the vantage point of a well-located backyard!
Of course, I'll be bringing food to share to all of these events! I'm still perusing recipes online before I go grocery shopping today. Here are a few possibilities:
"Chicken Leg Delight" with Deviled Eggs, Potato Salad and Lemonade. Photo by Jeff Goldwater, 1962, Valley Times
Photo by Jeff Goldwater, 1962, Valley Times.
What could be more appetizing than this Frozen Salad of Fruit Cocktail and Marshmallows, molded in cans? I MUST find this recipe! I wish this photo was in color so we could see what flavor of Jello she used for this concoction!
Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July celebration, my friends!

All photos from the L.A. Public Library Archives

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At 11:19 AM PDT, Blogger count reeshard said...

An entirely appropriate and inspiring post, as I've long ago come to expect of LAIMB. As holiday comestibles go, nothing beats those algae-colored marshmallow ambrosia casseroles, and as such your exhumation of the '62 Valley Times photo is appreciated all the more.

Nearly as I can tell, the explosions you've been hearing emanate, ultimately, from a huge box recently landed in an Alhambra parking lot just east of my new home. This structure, maybe the original — and truly literal — 'pop-up' store, is emblazoned with a gigantic FIREWORKS banner. It's a bit like that East Coast custom of driving a few feet over the Vermont state line, there to be confronted with dozens of firework stands.

At 11:23 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the blog compliments, Richard! Ack! Yes! The cities separate from L.A. sell fireworks. Watch the skies carefully; sedate your pets; duck and cover!

I'll be at the grocery store buying jello and marshmallows!


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