Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Made in L.A.

The Totems of Kenzi Shiokava

On Sunday afternoon Larry, my brother, Ken and I walked over to the Hammer Museum. Mom conveniently lives next door! I like the Hammer. It's entirely manageable for a short visit. The current exhibit is called "Made in L.A. 2016," highlighting the work of Los Angeles area artists. Much of it was of the conceptual variety. There were also many applied arts pieces. Especially intriguing was the wood work of artist, Kenzi Shiokava. We ran into our friend, storyboard artist Michael A. Jackson and he told us more about his friend, Kenzi. Kenzi is culturally Japanese but was raised in Brazil. It seems, that during Shiokava's Los Angeles years, he was Marlon Brando's gardener while pursuing an art education! You can view more of Kenzi's artwork here
Here are some more pieces from this fascinating show:
Adobe bricks made from Los Angeles soil
Painted backdrops from the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas
Chunky Knit!

Even though this Museum is manageable, Ken and I were tired. We rested a bit while Larry zoomed around. Where does Mr. Larry get his energy?
Tired Siblings

"Made in L.A." is open until August 28th. If you're in Westwood within the next few days, stop by and see it! It's FREE!

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