Thursday, May 11, 2017

Colorful and Cute!

Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock

On the recommendation of our friends, Tammy and Daniel, we visited Leanna Lin's Wonderland shop in Eagle Rock last Sunday to view a tribute art show to Mary Blair. I've loved Mary Blair's art since I was a youngster, skipping through Disneyland by her beautiful murals and of course Blair's design for the ride, "It's a Small World."  Sorry to give you that ear-worm.

Mary Blair is known for her cheerful and colorful artwork. I love the vibrant colors and simple abstract design. She specialized in depicting children and their lives. The Wonderland shop is small, but most of the artwork is small too. I was happy to see that most of the original artwork was sold. There were prints for sale though of some of the pieces.

"Ukulele" by Joel and Ashley Selby

"Wonderland Map" by Luke Flowers

"Milkshakes and Small Worlds" by Misha Lulu

"L.A. - It's a Small World" by Cathy Zhang

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" by Nan Lawson

In addition to the art there are many Blair-inspired decor items from the 1960s.
I covet that daisy plate!

Owls are SO 60's!

I think I have this mosaic plate!

If you're looking for an overdose of cuteness, color and fun, visit Leanna Lin's Wonderland in Eagle Rock!
Artist, Mary Blair with Walt Disney and model of "It's a Small World"

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