Monday, May 01, 2017

Petaluma, CA - Chickens and Ukuleles

When I was growing up, Petaluma was known as (excuse my French) the "chicken-shit capital" of California. That has changed a bit. I looked up Petaluma online and it was euphemistically called the "Egg Basket of the World," but has changed its commerce a bit to become known as a "foodie haven" for Northern California. This region boasts "acclaimed regional wines, world-class beers and ales, award-winning olive oils and artisan cheeses along with some of the finest restaurants in the nation."  
Petaluma is also the home of Kala Brand Music Company, where my beautiful new ukulele was built. This is a tenor ukulele with a special finish called "Salt and Pepper Doghair." The second I saw a photo of it in Ukulele Magazine I was smitten. I saw a few online videos of people playing this particular model and liked the sound. The next time I was at the music store, I tried out a tenor Kala uke. Nice sound, resonant, good action. I received a lovely check from my Mom for our anniversary and stole it out of Larry's hands to buy my new ukulele.
I ordered the uke from Kala and they said they had to build it for me. It would take about two months! OK! I've been waiting for two whole months and my beautiful new uke arrived this morning!
Ellen's Salt & Pepper Doghair Kala Ukulele
It was sent to my office instead of home, because I wanted to be sure it arrived safely and there was someone to receive it. I tuned it quietly, but haven't really had a chance to rock. This is a place of business, after all. I'm saving the rocking for tonight.
My uke came with a hard case, humidifier, strap and a Certificate of Authenticity.

S&P DH, patiently sitting in my office waiting area
I wear black and white all the time, but I made sure that I wore it today! Can't wait to show it to all of my ukulele peeps!

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At 5:54 AM PDT, Blogger ken bloom said...

It looks great on you and I know you will be breaking it in with some vigorous playing. Isn['t it great to have the instrument you REALLY want?


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