Friday, May 12, 2017

Splendid Dot

Madeline Tosh Vintage Yarn, "Spectrum"

There's this free triangle shawl pattern on the Lion Brand site called "Splendid Shawl." I've knit this shawl three times. My first time, I noticed that after the K2tog row, the stitches stood up like little dots. I call this shawl the "Splendid Dot Shawl." 
My first Splendid Dot was made from a highly variegated soy, silk ribbon tape with lots of drape. The shawl turned out nicely, but the variegation is rather confusing with ANY pattern.
Southwest Trading Company, Soy Silk Tape 

My second Splendid Dot was made from Aslan Natural Luxury Yarns, worsted weight. I do believe this yarn has been discontinued, that's why I found it in abundant quantity at the Tuesday Morning Store!
Aslan Natural Luxury Yarn, Wool

I really like knitting this pattern. It's easy, but varied enough to keep my interest. Any pattern with a bit of texture is usually rewarding.
The BEST yarn I've used for this pattern is Madeline Tosh Vintage, color is "Spectrum." I'm not a yarn snob, but I must say that using this higher-end yarn really makes a difference in the end result.
My co-worker, Nicole, modeled the shawl for me. The drape of the shawl is wonderful, the pattern shows up beautifully and I LOVE this color!
Nicole needs to be a professional knit model!

From now on, I really must follow the yarny rule so many of my sisters-in-yarn live by, "Use the Best Yarn First!"
I bought the yarn because it matches my specs!

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