Monday, September 25, 2017


"Arrows" by Annette Petavy

I've been looking at Annette Petavy's shawl pattern, "Arrows" for a very long time, at least 7 years, when my friend Carol first crocheted this pattern. Beth also made this pattern, but somehow I just never found the time. The time has come. 
Carol's "Arrow" Shawl

This shawl features three different stitch patterns, all representing arrow-like forms. It looks best in a solid or semi-solid color. Too much variegation spoils the pattern.
Beth's "Arrow" Shawl
Stitch Pattern #1 by Kokkole
Stitch Pattern #2 by Kokkole
Stitch Pattern #3 by Kokkole
Changing up the patterns makes this an interesting shawl to crochet. There are transition rows between the patterns that alters the stitch count to accommodate each change of pattern. One length of three patterns is crocheted, then another. The pieces are joined in the center so that ALL of the arrows will be pointing out from the center. CLEVER!
I've chosen a kettle-dyed pure super-wash merino yarn from Malabrigo called "Ravelry Red." I love this color. It's rich, deep and a true red on the cool side of the color wheel. I started my Red Arrows shawl last night and am pleased with my progress.
Ellen's "Arrow" Shawl
Both Carol and Beth have crocheted this shawl twice, so I know it's a crowd-pleaser!

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