Monday, September 11, 2017


WOW! We had SO MANY beautiful dishcloths on our dining room table yesterday! Sunday was Swap Day. Eve, moderator of the Annual Ravelry Dishcloth Swap brought packages and packages of dishcloths over and we started sorting. 

Eve and Ellen, Dishcloth Sorters

This is a really fun group on Ravelry. Everyone that participates is very enthusiastic about the art of crochet and knitting. There are some very creative cloths.
First up, Eve and I unwrap all of the packages and stack the entries along with their return envelopes. Next, we call our expert photographer, Mr. Larry to take photos of the colorful cloths.
Photographer, Mr. Larry
Larry got a little bit crazy with the panorama feature on his camera

Then we have snacks.
Energy Boosting Snackage

After our energy boost, we start to sort, choose and pack the dishcloths. Each person makes five dishcloths of the same pattern and receives five different patterned dishcloths in return. The sorting and packing takes some concentration because we do not want to give someone back their own dishcloth!

Many of these cloths are like small pieces of artwork. Sometimes they're too lovely to use!

We had about 35 entrants this year which was the perfect amount of cloths to fit on my extended dining room table!

A few people even sent little gifts for us. So sweet! We really appreciate the special attention!

The 2017 Annual Dishcloth Swap is officially OVER! We had a great time. Now, I want to check out some of the patterns for my new dishcloths!
I LOVE my new dishcloths! Thank you Tina, Suzzles, KnottyBirdie, Becky and Dee!

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