Monday, November 20, 2017

Old School

Kim's Restaurant, Crenshaw Square

I made a new "friend" on Facebook a few weeks ago. We both commented on a Los Angeles architecture/cultural related post. Turns out that my new friend, Mitchell, is also a member of the Los Angeles Conservancy and moderates the Facebook Group, Asian Retro. He grew up in the Baldwin Hills area of L.A. as part of the Japanese-American community. While I was following comments on the post, many of his friends from the neighborhood chimed in regarding their favorite places to eat in the area. Kim's Restaurant was mentioned often and with gusto.
After much discussion back and forth about which of Kim's Cantonese dishes reminded everyone of home, my mouth was watering. I needed to visit Kim's. I've been to the neighboring Tak's Coffee Shop, also located in Crenshaw Square a few times, so I knew exactly where Kim's was.
Saturday, Larry and I took a quick ride over to Crenshaw Square. The complex has been beautified and fixed up since our last visit! It looks great! This is a lovely mid-century shopping and office courtyard building with tons of parking in back. On the Crenshaw side is the newly resurrected Earle's Grille. It was very busy on Saturday night. We drove to the back where Tak's and Kim's are located. Kim's was doing a brisk take-out business and there were several diners inside the newly remodeled and very clean restaurant.
Crenshaw Square's Courtyard Building has been gussied up!
Kim's offers Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Mongolian food. You could probably get a hamburger here as well. I was reminded of the Chinese Restaurants along Pico Boulevard from my youth, Hoi Ping, Kowloon and Wan-Q.
Wor Won Ton Soup

We'd heard that the Wor Won Ton Soup was excellent. We ordered a large bowl which was chock full of yummy stuff. We also ordered the Chicken with Ginger with slices of REAL ginger on top. Everything was fresh and delicious. The service was good too. We will definitely be returning to Kim's when we're hankering for old-style Cantonese food!
My fortune read, "Treat yourself to something of quality." I just did! Dinner!
I'm so glad that this complex, Crenshaw Square, has been preserved. It's an excellent example of mid-20th century, multiple-use architecture. Read more about the Asian community in the Crenshaw area HERE. 

Kim's Restaurant
3860 So. Crenshaw Blvd., LA

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