Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Day Brunch

It is traditional in my family to have brunch on Christmas Day. Even though we don't really celebrate Christmas (Chanukah is our holiday), but everyone has the day off from work, kids are on vacation from school and it seems like a perfect day to get together. In the old days, my parents would host my Mom's family for brunch or dinner on this day. I have continued this tradition, but in a much smaller way. Larry and I host Mom, good friends Rhoda, Audrey and Jeff.
We still serve our usual bagels, lox, white fish salad, etc. for brunch, along with gifties for everyone. It's a very fun afternoon. Thank you all for participating AND thanks to Audrey for bringing that delicious fruit salad and to Rhoda for bringing the most delicious rugulah from Diamond Bakery!
Jeff, Audrey, Larry, Rhoda and Roz

Larry's Namesake Novel
We all gave different gifties to each other. I LOVE all mine! Thank you everyone. Larry gifted me with the latest cooking craze, an InstatPot. I have to do much research, but I think I might like this appliance. I'd better like it, it takes up tons of room on our counter!!
Our newest appliance, the InstantPot

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