Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Tradewinds are Calling

We are visiting the Big Island of Hawaii in February with a gang of friends to celebrate a special birthday. Larry and I are leaving a few days early for a two-day stop in Honolulu. We were there almost 6 years ago for our 20th wedding anniversary. I miss it and look forward to returning.
I'll be bringing my special, embroidered tiki bag (courtesy of MaryJo), along with a crochet project

We really do not have to do any prep for this type of a vacation. It's all about casual...flip flops, shorts, muu muus, t-shirts and comfy clothes. Of course, we'll all be bringing our ukuleles!

Larry loves his Hawaiian shirts. Reyn Spooner is a favored designer. Larry found a very cool Reyn Spooner shirt the other day called "Catalina Seaplanes." 
"Catalina Seaplanes" Hawaiian Shirt by Reyn Spooner

It arrived on our doorstep yesterday. What a cool print! Not only does this print feature the famous Catalina seaplanes, but you can see The Tuna Club, The Casino and the Airport in the Sky! These are all the Catalina landmarks that I visited as a child.
Detail: "Catalina" Shirt

After we return from the Hawaiian Islands, we MUST visit Catalina Island! We haven't been to our honeymoon spot (Avalon) in decades!

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