Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Travel Crochet

When traveling, I like to take along a crochet project. This is usually a shawl, thin yarn, small hook. I wouldn't want to take a bulky project or one that I could finish quickly. Also, this travel project cannot be too difficult because my attention span will undoubtedly be short. 
The last time we were in Hawaii I crocheted a version of the "Klamath" shawl in a tropical, aqua blue, Sweet Georgia, yarn. It was a perfect airplane and poolside project.
Modified Klamath Shawlette, Sweet Georgia Yarn
I have been working on yet another Virus Shawl in a very thin sock yarn by Malabrigo called "Ravelry Red." I might just go crazy and add the over-lacy edging from the Belle Epoque Shawl to this Virus! I'll probably take this along with me.
HOWEVER, I have been perusing other patterns. See below...
"A Hearty Hello" Shawl by Fionetta
I would probably crochet this in any color but red so it wouldn't scream Valentine!

"Lost in Time Shawl"  This is one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry! 

"Pom Pom Happiness Shawl"  Pom Poms!!
Yes, shawls are the item to crochet while on vacation. They're not too fiddly as far as increases and decreases. If you crochet with light weight yarn, this is a very portable project.
I did see this totally ADORABLE avocado granny square the other day! It wouldn't be practical to take all those different color yarns on vacation, especially when flying, but when I get home, I can definitely see an avocado pillow in my future!

Avocado Granny Square. Would you like chips with that?

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At 11:47 AM PST, Blogger count reeshard said...

Here's a timely link, possibly tailor-knitted for Ellen:

Wishing you a mah-vellous day! RH

At 12:17 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yikes! Richard! That is some interesting knitting! I do like the eyeball!


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