Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Anniversary Weekend

We Still Like Each Other!

We have been celebrating our anniversary since Mardi Gras which happened to fall on Valentine's Day this year. We were in Honolulu at the time. The ACTUAL date of our anniversary is March 3, 1992, 26 years ago. This year, 3/3 was on a Saturday. We decided to celebrate in a low-key manner, since we'd just returned from two weeks of vacation in Hawaii and Palm Springs.
We started out exchanging anniversary cards. We had similar choices this year...old couples, hanging in for the long haul! Larry gave me two cards, one funny and one mushy (swoon).
Olson's on Pico

After a few morning errands, we stopped at our local Scandinavian marketplace and cafe, Olson's on Pico Boulevard, near our house. They make the most delicious Dilled Shrimp Salad Sandwich. I love going to Olson's. It's filled with Scandinavian treats, gifts and colorful imports.

We parted after lunch and did our usual Saturday things. In the evening we ventured over to the Baldwin Hills Mall for dinner. We love the Mexico City-style cuisine at Mexicano. It's a beautifully decorated restaurant on the east side of the complex, just off the parking lot. The food is fantastic and they serve exotic drinks!
Mexicano Restaurant

The decor is awesome!

We started out with Guacamole and drinks. Larry ordered the Chamorro Adobado which is beef shank with guajillo marinade, served with beans, white rice and spicy onion and herb sauce.

Chamorro Adobado
I ordered the Enchiladas Tres Moles with chicken. They featured their three different mole' sauces, Poblano, Pepi├ín and Green. They were all delicious, but I liked the green sauce best.
Enchiladas Tres Moles
We had a lovely anniversary. After all of our traveling, it was wonderful to stay close to home for our celebrations. We love Los Angeles!

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At 4:19 AM PST, Blogger ken bloom said...

Looks like you guys had a faboo anniversary celebration. Nice that it can go on for so long. Here's wishing you 26 more from your alte kakker brother!!


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