Monday, March 26, 2018


I crocheted Princess Rhoda a birthday crown!

On Saturday, we celebrated Rhoda's birthday. Rhoda and I have known each other for almost 35 years! We met while working at 20th Century Fox Studio. We grew up near each other and had many things in common. We hit it off the minute we met.
Rhoda heard me talking about eating classic Cantonese-style Chinese food at Kim's Restaurant in Crenshaw Square, Baldwin Hills awhile back. That's where she wanted to go for her birthday! We usually live it up and go someplace fancy, but I was delighted she wanted to try Kim's.
We both flashed back to our youth when Pico Boulevard in the "Kosher Korridor" was chock full of great American-style Chinese restaurants like Hoi Ping, Kowloon and Wan-Q. The food at Kim's is classic. We ordered vegetable egg rolls, chicken egg fu yung and zucchini pork. We were also served the most delicious egg flower soup to start our meal.
Egg Rolls
Egg Fu Yumg
I forgot to take a photo of the zucchini pork and egg flower soup, but both were fresh and delicious!
Estate Sale in Windsor Estates/View Park, Baldwin Hills

Rhoda and I both like going to estate sales. There happened to be one very close to Kim's on Saturday, so after lunch we stopped by. This was a house in the Windsor Estates / View Park area. The sale was run by Again L.A. Estate Sales. This was a lovely home in a beautiful area. The house was built in the early 1940s in the Federal style of architecture. It was a bit run down, but it has good bones and it's already sold. The views of the City from this part of Baldwin Hills are gorgeous. It was an especially clear day!
View from the front yard on Bradna Drive
Even though this was the end of day two of the sale and many items were sold, Rhoda and I managed to find a few things to buy. I found a wooden bead necklace and a curious serving platter. Rhoda found a beautiful pink crystal necklace.
Ellen's new serving platter. I call this the "Reindeer Princess"
My "new" platter is signed "Creative Co-Op, Lori Siebert, Artist. I left a message with the above photo on Lori Siebert's Facebook page to see if there's a story behind this enchanting image!
Two items that we passed up
There were still many great things to buy, but we had to pass on them because our houses cannot handle anymore STUFF!
It was a perfect birthday celebration for my sweet friend, Rhoda!

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