Friday, October 19, 2018

The Big Eyeglass Frame Sale of 2018

OK! This is it! People are ALWAYS asking me where I buy my eyeglass frames. Every year in October L.A. Eyeworks has this AMAZING sale. You can buy frames for as little as $25 and as much as regular price (which is a lot)! I used to go crazy at this sale, but now I'm slightly more conservative in my choices and with the amount of frames I purchase. If I find one or two good ones, I'm happy!
2006. Sometimes, during the day it's hot. When there's a line outside, L.A. Eyeworks provides parasols to its customers!

Larry and I have been attending this annual sale for at least 12 years! It's always a fun evening. We tend to go during the dinner hour. It's less crowded then. You don't have to worry that you may miss something. They offer multiples of every style and they keep bringing out boxes and boxes of frames throughout the weekend!
2010. Owner, Gai, Ron (RIP) and Tetsuji
We almost always run into friends at this sale. We also usually make some new friends. When trying on eyeglass frames, it's always good to get the opinions of others, especially if they don't know you. Honesty helps.

Natalie and I like to be twinsies! I bought the orange frames. Why didn't I buy those aqua ones?

2010. Rhoda almost ALWAYS buys red frames!
Stephanie and Diane are excellent shoppers
I told my ukulele teacher, Cali about the sale and she went NUTZO, purchasing many pairs of frames, including these adorable hot pink ones! Photo by Craig Brandau

Larry tries on everything, but usually ends up buying the same style every year!

One year, Ruth and I bought the same frames. These are my faves. I wear them all the time.
2009. Natalie and Joe with that Italian Riviera look
So, next weekend, if you have an hour or two to spare, hop on over to Melrose Avenue and check out the frames at the L.A. Eyeworks sale. You will not be disappointed!

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