Monday, February 04, 2019

Welcome! Again

My 5th Welcome Blanket

I just completed my fifth Welcome Blanket.  This is such a worthwhile project. The blankets are small, 40" x 40." This is a perfect size to wrap around your shoulders or place on your lap. I like to think of these blankets as a HUG for newcomers to our country. Read about the project HERE. You will also find all of the instructions and how to participate at this site.
The project has been traveling around the country to different art museums. The first phase was in Chicago, then Atlanta, now the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Mass. is receiving, cataloging, displaying and re-sending the blankets. The deadline for this phase is March 1, 2019. I'm glad I finished in time.
I've been participating in this project since the beginning. I was most pleased when I saw my  blanket displayed on the wall in a photograph from The Smart Museum in Chicago, 2017.
Ellen's Blanket, top left, Smart Museum, Chicago, 2017

The designer of the original "Come Together" blanket is Kat  Coyle. Kat owns and operates the Little Knittery yarn shop in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA. Her idea for the triangle design was that knitting triangular squares is portable and not as daunting as making an entire blanket in one piece. Also, many people can contribute squares for one blanket. Using the triangles, you can come up with so many different configurations. I decided to crochet my blankets, instead of knitting them. I found an online tutorial for granny triangles. 
Here are a few of my Welcome Blankets:


I really enjoy making these blankets in-between other projects. I saw this Circus Blanket on Instagram and am toying with making a smaller version for a Welcome Blanket!

The Welcome Blanket is an excellent project for your knitting and/or crochet group! Come on! Join me in welcoming newcomers to our shores.

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