Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Passover Prep

The Matzoh House replaces the Gingerbread Xmas House!

Our family is NOT having it's traditional Passover Seder this year. Some cousins are recovering from surgery. Some cousins are on cruises. Other cousins have different obligations. It's OK, we can skip a year. I will miss seeing my extended family, but we will meet up again soon.
My goyishe husband lamented that we were not having gefilte fish or matzoh ball soup this year!  What? Well, OK. Today I zoomed over to the Kosher Warehouse on Pico Boulevard. It was jammed, by the way. I picked up a frozen gefilte log.
Ungar's Gefilte Fish Log is absolutely the most delicious gefilte fish you'll ever taste. I happen to like the bottled gefilte fish, but many people do not. The Ungar's version doesn't even taste like fish! You do have to prepare it though. You boil the log in its tissue paper with onions and carrots, salt and pepper for an hour. Then you have to chill it overnight. To serve, slice it in one-inch pieces and serve with the stewed carrots and horseradish. It is divine!

You don't have to shlep to the Kosher Warehouse on Pico, Mid-City L.A. to buy the log, you can usually find at at Ralph's, Von's or other big supermarkets in Jewish neighborhoods. I've seen it at my Von's on Pico and Fairfax, also at the Ralph's on Pico and Beverwill in the Kosher Korridor!
My cousin, Marilyn usually makes the matzoh ball soup. She does the whole thing, boils the chicken, strains it, makes the matzoh balls and boils them in the broth. It is always delicious. Feh! I'm going to buy the mix and see if Larry knows the difference! I might add a bit more broth for a richer flavor. 
Every year, the family reads from a semi-traditional Hagadah that I have cobbled together from various services over the years. We sing songs, recite the plagues and the 4 questions, yada-yada-yada. This year, Larry and I will recite the brilliant 2- Minute Haggadah by Michael Rubiner.

You're welcome.

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