Thursday, June 13, 2019

Oooo-koo-lay-lee Summer

Oooo-koo-lay-lee. That's how the Hawaiians say "ukulele." I'm looking forward to an ooo-koo-lay-lee summer! I'm so happy to be retired and able to join the CC Strummers twice a week! This is a great group, run by my Saturday ukulele teacher, Cali Rose. On Saturdays I attend the Ongoing Ukulele Workshop at Boulevard Music. SOOO, I get to play uke with great people THREE times a week! Yes! Cali is an inspiring teacher and makes all of our classes fun. Sometimes, we don't even realize we're learning new things!
Cali Rose and the CC Strummers from last summer's Ukulele Festival in Torrance

The ukulele is fun, melodious, whimsical and it's practically impossible to play it without smiling, even if you're smiling at yourself! I played banjo and guitar in my youth and still pick them up occasionally, but I'm a die-hard ukulele player now!
See how happy I am, playing ukulele?
Summertime ukulele is always more fun than any other time of the year. People are ready to hang out in the sun, have a cocktail and sing a few songs! Won't you join me?
1964. Valley Times Collection, LAPL

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