Thursday, December 19, 2019

Holiday Cards

In May 2019, we took a road trip and met some new friends

Each year, as a gift to our friends and family, Larry and I like to create a personalized  holiday card. We try to come up with some sort of current event that happened during the year. Sometimes, we just gather up some cool stuff in our house and have a photo shoot.
Together, we come up with a concept. I usually sketch out the idea and gather the photographic elements. Larry is the professional photographer, so he creates the card in Photoshop. 
Here are a few fun cards from past years:
2012, The ENDEAVOR spacecraft flew around town and The BIG ROCK was delivered to LACMA from the California  desert. We followed both through the streets of Los Angeles!
2014, Ukulele Obsession! We even created our own playlist for our upcoming "CD." Click on the picture to read the song titles!
2015. We snapped a photo of an old building on Santa Monica Blvd. and Van Ness in Hollywood and inserted our photo for an upcoming movie poster!

2017. A frantic year. We just looked around the house for all of the holiday stuff, gathered it and took a group shot!
2018. The devastating fires in California, especially Paradise, CA. Larry's family home was destroyed. A melancholy year, indeed. #CaliforniaStrong
My cousin, Myrna has saved ALL of our holiday cards since the early days...1990s. I must check out her collection and see what I'm missing.
Who knows what we'll come up with for next year. I must remember to keep track of events and places that we visit in 2020!  Happy Holidays to you!

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I always love looking at your cards. You guys are so darn creative!

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