Monday, June 22, 2020

Summer Solstice

Sun scarf designs by VERA Neumann
SUMMER SOLSTICE! It's the longest day of the year. Living in Southern California, we are fortunate to almost always have sunny weather. I'm a native. I love sunshine and all it represents. Of course, I do not like it when the temperatures reach over 90 degrees. In parts of sunny Southern California today, we're having record temperatures.
We live in Mid-City Los Angeles, on a mild hill. The cool breezes from Culver City waft over our neighborhood. I visited Santa Monica yesterday, not far from the beach. It was relatively cool there too, while other parts of the City, especially the San Fernando Valley are rather warm.
This type of weather makes me want to crochet sunny things in golden colors.
Amigurumi Sun
Sunny Spread
I added a sunny Willow Square to an afghan
Floppy Brim Hat

I think I'll look through my yarn stash and see how many different shades of yellow I can find. Maybe I'll crochet another Welcome Blanket in sunny colors!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Looking Back, Century City 1969

Ellen, in the Century City Fountain on Avenue of the Stars,
Century City Apartments on Olympic Blvd. in background, 1969
I came across a few photos that I took, along with my good friend, Barbara Edelstein, in Century City in 1969. They were what we called "art" shots. Century City was a relatively new place, built on the former backlot of 20th Century-Fox Studios. There were sculptural buildings, exotic fountains and lots of concrete! The area is named for the Studio. TCF sold the property in 1961 to developers. In the very early years, 1925, this property was part of cowboy star, Tom Mix's ranch. There have been numerous additions and changes over the years. I hardly recognize it now.
Ellen, New Construction, Century City, 1969, near Santa Monica Blvd.
Barbara, Century City, 1969
Century Plaza Hotel in Background
Ellen, Century City, 1969
Another fountain, Century City, Avenue of the Stars, 1969
Barbara, on the low-slung roof of the Century House Restaurant, Century City, 1969
I've been looking for an architectural photo of the Century House. I can't find any record of it. It is heavily chronicled in the movie, "A Guide for the Married Man" in 1967. There are many scenes taken in and around the Beverly Hills and Century City area in this movie.

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Happy Birthday Ken!

So many June birthdays! Today is my big brother's birthday. Happy birthday Ken! I hope you're having a grand celebration today in Pilot Mountain! Your home town of Los Angeles misses you!

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Monday, June 08, 2020

Happy 98th Birthday Mom!

Mom and the decorations inside her apartment.
Thank you to Megan, Mom's Caretaker!
WOW! 98 years! Yesterday was Mom's birthday. This was the first time we could actually visit her in person since the lockdown for the Covid-19 Corona Virus. We're still not allowed to go into her building, a senior living community in Culver City, but we met outside. We all wore our face masks and maintained our distance.  Thanks to her caretakers, Megan, Cha-Cha and Thelma for keeping Mom entertained the entire day!
Mom, opening her gifts from Ellen & Larry, Ginny & Ken

I brought my ukulele and we sang "Happy Birthday" and a few other songs to Mom. We opened presents. I showed Mom some photos of the instruments that my brother, Ken is making. I also added in some vintage photos of us.

Ken Bloom with handcrafted Bowed Dulcimer
Ken, Ellen 2016 (photo by Cali Rose)
The graying of the Bloom siblings!
It was a nice visit, though brief. I do hope Mom's building opens up soon so we can have longer visits!
Mom and Megan
Ellen, Roz and Larry
Special Celebration at Palm Court Dining Room

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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Jax Are Here

Jacaranda Trees on South Fairfax Avenue, Mid-City, L.A.
Decorating our troubled City are glorious Jacaranda trees.  The streets are filled with the purple blossoms of Jacaranda trees! Lots of people hate the sticky residue that these blossoms leave on their cars. I don't care, the purple is gorgeous...glorious! In 2008, L.A. Times staff writer, Francisco Vara-Orta referred to these blue/purple flower trees as "purple people pleasers."
The Jacaranda Tree in Front of Our House
When I moved into our neighborhood, almost 30 years ago, many of our neighbors wanted to plant trees on our parkways. We have the widest street in Wilshire Vista...we consider it the center of our neighborhood. Since jacaranda trees are fast-growing, that's what we decided to plant. Many of our trees are now tall and full of flowers. In fact, this has been a very flowerful Spring!
Roses and Gladiolas Near the Driveway
Yellow Daisies and Succulents in the Front Yard

Experiencing all of the beautiful flowers in our neighborhood is a brief respite from the strife felt across our country. Welcome Spring!

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