Friday, October 09, 2020

Afghan Weather?

Ladies, displaying a Hexagon Afghan. Date & Photographer Unknown

I do feel a chill in the air. Could it be that our days in Los Angeles might be getting cooler? It would be nice if the weather dipped below 80 degrees during the day. Our evenings have been quite cool. It must be Afghan Weather!

Recently, my friend, Mollie unearthed a vintage pattern from the Super Yarn Mart, a chain craft store in Los Angeles during the knitting and crochet resurgence of the 1960s. It was a wonderful place with yarns from all over the world. They carried other craft supplies too, for needlepoint, rug-hooking, embroidery and more. 

The patterns were printed on pink paper. The ladies that worked there wore pink smocks. The logo of the store and the shopping bags were pink. Samples of all of the free patterns were hung from the walls and the rafters of the ceiling. I'm sure that the Three-Way Granny Afghan was one of them!

I've made a few of these afghans with various sized squares before. It's like putting a puzzle together. The most famous pattern of this type is the Babette Blanket from a decade ago. I made a version of this blanket, using leftover yarn and a granny square motif.

Ellen's Granny Babette Blanket

Another blanket with various sized squares that I've crocheted is a take on the abstract art of Mondrian.

Mondrian-Like Blanket

I'm itching to try out this vintage Super Yarn Mart pattern, THREE-WAY GRANNY AFGHAN. Heaven knows that I don't NEED another afghan, but I want to see what the darn thing looks like! I might even use the colors that the pattern suggests!

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At 11:03 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

Just love your version of the Babette Blanket, even more than the original! Wished I lived in LA back then so I could have experienced Super Yarn Mart. Sounds like heaven! I think I may give the three way pattern a try too!

At 11:22 AM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

You know I’m a fan of all your granny square art! It sounds like afghan weather indeed.

At 12:40 AM PDT, Blogger Deb said...

I first found your blog several years ago while googling Super Yarn Mart! I used to love going there with my mom and getting needlepoint yarn.
Love that Babette blanket!

At 9:42 PM PST, Blogger Roman Adam said...

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At 2:29 AM PDT, Blogger Albert said...

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