Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Ready for Thanksgiving 2020 Style?

That old stand-by, Swanson's TV Dinner!

This Thanksgiving is really going to be different for our family! Instead of 25-30 of us gathering at Cousin Carolyn's home in Valencia, we are each having our own, separate dinner.  We'll be in much smaller groups this year. Carolyn and her kids will be with her ex's family in Orange County. Some of Carolyn's kids will be there. Some will remain in Oregon. Cousin Marilyn and Phil will be in Northridge. Their kids are in Northern and Southern California....Bay Area and San Diego. They will be celebrating separately. Larry, Mom and I will be at Cousin Laurie's house, along with Cousin Janet, eating in Laurie's covered patio...just the 5 of us.  We have decided to set up a Zoom call at 5pm with everyone joining in. That should be fun. Even my brother, Ken, in North Carolina will join us on Zoom!

Did you know that those ridges on the side of the canned cranberry represent slice marks for each serving?

I will miss my extended family this year! Hopefully, we'll be able to see each other in person next Thanksgiving!

Barbie has the right idea...PLASTIC FOOD! So recyclable!


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