Monday, November 02, 2020

WeHo Stitch 'n Witch 2020

Prize Totes by Miss Natalie of Hollywood

Even though we met on Zoom for our annual WeHo Stitch 'n Witch party, we had a great time! Old-timers showed up that we hadn't seen in ages.  Members wore great costumes and our party was a success. Thanks to all of the participants and especially to Miss Natalie of Hollywood for the fab tote bags and prizes; ME for many prizes and publicity; MaryJo and Brenda C. for more prizes!

The Theme this year was "2020."  Here were the parameters: 2020…it’s been, to put it nicely, extra special. Therefore 2020 is the theme for this year’s costumes.  2020 has earned some well deserved laughing at, poking at, and it needs the damned devil exorcized out of it.  Do your best to best 2020.  Waist up only costumes necessary. No pants required.  Bonus points for no pants. 

Our winners for the evening with the most votes were Stephanie, the Fortune Teller for 2021; Sara for her portrayal of the smoke and fire experienced in 2020 and Suzette for her bewitching Twisted Witch Hat, backgrounds, etc.

                                                                       Fortune Teller, Stephanie
Sara's Smoke and Fire
Suzette's bewitching, hand-crocheted Twisted Witch Hat

Others wore clever costumes too! Here are a few...

Natalie was the VP with that rather large fly on her head!
Ann was the Covid Alien, along with her "Scream" Mask!
Christine played with filters to achieve a fetching mask and hat!
Members that didn't wear costumes had fun too!
Mollie the Giraffe!
Thanks to Stephanie for posting all of her FABULOUS prizes!  It surely was a night to remember!

Stephanie's Prizes

Let's hope that we can all meet again at the Original Farmers Market for WeHo Stitch 'n Witch 2021!

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