Monday, May 22, 2006

Counterfeit Crochet Project

Stephanie's hand-crocheted "Chanel" Purse
Thanks to Emily and Julie for sending me the lost link I was looking for! The Counterfeit Crochet Project. Stephanie in San Francisco started her project with the "express intent of everyone making 'lowly' lumpy versions of the real things." Stephanie expected people to use their skills in making fun of the designer bags and translating them from high-fashion to homemade.
Stephanie's hand-crocheted "Gucci" Purse in progress
Hey! Craftspeople are particular about their crafts, Stephanie! Turns out that all of the submissions to the site look great!!!! I'm posting a few of the designer bags here to give you the idea. Go to the site and click around to see Stephanie's artwork and others' bag submissions on her blog. I e-mailed Stephanie today with photos of my "Faux-rragamo" and "Faux Fiore." Isn't it amazing and synergistic that we all covet these expensive designer bags but want to copy them in our own crafty manner? Love it.
On the left is Terry's "Louis Vuitton." On the right, you'll recognize my "Faux-rragamo." Take a look at Jennie's Burberry scarf, below. Truly Faboo!



At 4:01 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of your friends are so creative! I have to start working on my crochet skills so I can copy some handbags too. Thanks.

At 1:41 PM PDT, Blogger Darcy said...

excellent, I love handmade handbag creations. Good ones girls!

At 10:32 AM PDT, Blogger Mel said...

The handbags are fabulous...I'm the pixie collector - you posted on my blog. I've admired some of the other pottery you collect that you have posted pics of in the past. I have about 30 pixies and yes,they are great containers for craft stuff!


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