Tuesday, November 28, 2006


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Crocheted Belts
I've been crocheting belts for holiday gifts! I've been stash-busting like crazy! It's so nice to have a small project that utilizes the yarn I have on hand (which is alot). I've only had to purchase belt buckles. I bought a few buckles at Michael Levine's, Downtown LA Fashion District and a few more buckles at F & S Fabrics in WLA. I am partial to the belts made with Koigu sock yarn, but since the yarn is thin, they are time-consuming and my deadlines are nearing. The thicker yarn belts are really quick! If you need a quickie gift, crochet or knit up a belt in wild colors. They're all the rage!



At 1:47 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

So colorful! I'm loving the loopy ones on the right. And the camo.

At 1:53 PM PST, Blogger Ana said...

That is just great! When I saw some of them in person they looked even better, I love them!

At 4:27 PM PST, Blogger Yarnartist said...

What a beautiful collection! Great job, Ellen.

At 4:54 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Gorgeous. Sigh. I'll never get all my holiday knitting done in time. :(

At 5:28 PM PST, Blogger sappmama said...

Do you know how wise you are for doing manageable gifts!? I set out to whip up hat and scarf sets for my grandmother and 5 aunts. I got as far as a quarter of the 1st scarf and gave up. Too daunting.

These belts are lovely!

But, I have to say, stash busting is never going to happen. Not for YOU!

At 8:31 PM PST, Blogger Darcy said...

Yeah your stash IS amazing. I wish I had my *#@$% together because in my mind my holiday knit gifts were finished and even started!!

At 11:05 PM PST, Blogger Abby Hansen said...

All bow to she most mighty...
Hell, I haven't SEWED this much.

At 5:04 PM PDT, Blogger Lynda said...

Hi Ellen,
Wow, your belts are a fantastic idea for gifts. What pattern did you use?

At 6:09 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Lynda,

I used a pattern found on Ellene Warren's website. Just "google" her name and you'll find it.


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