Friday, October 07, 2011

High Holidays - Vintage Photo Friday

The Jewish High Holidays are the most important observance for the entire year. Tonight at sundown begins Yom Kippur, our day of atonement and repentance. Everyone observes this holy day in their own way, including fasting from sundown tonight until sundown Saturday. I try to think of ways I can be a better person through service, kindness and generosity in the new year.
One of my favorite artists who created murals, sculptures and paintings in various religious institutions around the country, but especially in Los Angeles, was Joseph L. Young.
Young created a striking mosaic mural in 1955, for Temple Emmanuel, Beverly Hills. The Synagogue was designed by architect, Sidney Eisenstaedt, . The scene in this mural of Byzantine mosaic represents: Prayer (left figure), Assembly (center famly), and Study (right figure). Young stated that over 36,000 mosaics were used to complete the mural.
The notation under the photo above says,
Mosaic muralist Joseph Young and his assistant, Sid Levin, complete the installation of the new Temple Emanuel mural in Beverly HIlls, Calif., with a final scrubbing and acid bath. The $850,000 Temple as planned by Architect Sidney Eisenstaedt, AIA, includes the work of sculptor Bernard Rosenthal and has attracted many visitors. The mosaic mural by Joseph Young is considered to be the first major mosaic installed in a Jewish Temple since ancient Biblical Times. (Photograph by David Shore).

If you're going to Temple Emanuel tonight or tomorrow, be sure to check out all of the art! I wish you an easy fast on your day of atonement. Here's to a sweet, successful and healthy New Year for all!

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At 2:32 AM PST, Anonymous Angie said...

I've been there once and I really appreciate their arts. Joseph L.Young is truly a talented person no doubt about that.

At 10:33 PM PDT, Blogger Lassie said...

Thanks for your posting about this work by my late father, Joseph L. Young, who passed away in 2007.

For further information readers can access his Facebook page:

Leslie Young


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