Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pre-Occupied Today

'nuff said

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At 10:52 AM PST, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

OMG, you got one!! Are you in love??? I don't know how I managed without mine for so long....congratulations and enjoy!!

At 11:24 AM PST, Blogger Pandorra7 said...


Favorite Apps to download (most of them free):

AroundMe - let's you find stuff around you (e.g. Yarn store)

Shazam - tells you who's singing that song on the radio

RunKeeper - for our walks, tells you how far, where, and how many calories

Zillow - how much is that house going for that I'm driving by

StitchMinder - free row counter

KnitBuddy - paid row counter & project keeper (Vogue app might be better if you pay)

Needles - keep track of stash, but it's redundant

Words Free - Scrabble with friends

Solitaire - nuff said

Code Reader - Barcode reader
QR Reader - boxed barcode reader


Joanne's & LionBrand have apps, but rarely use them

Let me know if you find any really good ones!

At 2:28 PM PST, Anonymous Carol said...

ooooooh, you're going to have so much fun! Welcome to the iPhone world!

At 3:16 PM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

ooh have fun.I LOVE mine. I second the knitting apps recommended and I'd add Raglanify .
I also love Sit or Squat (to find public bathrooms), and of course Yelp and FoodTrucker (to find out who's where).
Can't wait to hear what you discover.


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