Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Quickie Stripes

Modified "Klamath" Shawlette

Awhile back, at our WeHo SnB yarn swap, I picked up a skein of Red Heart  yarn that Suzette donated.  I'd used this colorway before.  It stripes if you knit or crochet something narrow, like a scarf.  I forget the name of this discontinued colorway...something like "Surf" or "Beaches."  I really like it, so I grabbed it when I saw Suzette put it on the donation table.

This yarn has been sitting around the house for awhile now.  When I was cleaning up the yarn stash room recently, I came across this lone skein.  I decided to whip up a shawlette for Suzette!  This is a quick pattern...I made this in one evening, using a size "K" crochet hook.  This is the first part of the "Klamath" shawl with a few eyelit rows and without the fan and feather edging.  I added a triplet picot edge.  To make this crunchy acrylic soft and drapey, I steam-ironed it like crazy.  Essentially, I melted the fibers.  They will NEVER spring back to their original shape.  Perfect.

Suzy-ette's Colorful Shawl at Larry's Used Car Lot


I like this pattern so much, that I started yet another one of these beauties with some more swap-acquired yarn!!! 

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